1. Name of the Association:The name of the Association shall be the “Alumni Association of Jamia Millia Islamia”, hereinafter referred to as “AAJMI”.

2. Purpose:The Objective and Purpose of the Alumni are an institution’s brand ambassadors and are great role models for current students. They take their values of excellence and learning of inclusiveness and diversity all around the world. This platform will help the alumni to engage themselves with parent institution through imparting training in innovative skills to their Alma mater and by extra mural funding which are so necessary for the growth and development of any modern institution.

To make this association more gender sensitive the archaic ‘old boys’ notion hence forth, shall stand withdrawn. The previous Jamia Old Boys Association (JOBA) which has been nonfunctional for over a decade since neither election nor any substantial activities were held from 2007, is hereby deemed redundant.

The AAJMI has been conceived to bring about the sense of unity and togetherness therefore; shall act as the only recognized alumnus body as referred in Section 44 of the Jamia Millia Islamia Act, 1988.

2A. Definitional Clause:

In this Charter and in all Statutes made hereunder, unless the context otherwise requires:-

“Alumni” means any former student of Jamia Millia Islmia.

“Member of AAJMI” A former student who shall be graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia.

“Graduate” means the person bearing the enrolment number of the University and also those who were not given enrollment number as it was not introduced at that time and completed the course which will include class 10th or 12th .

“Associate member of AAJMI” The alumni who have studied but did not complete the course. The associate member shall have the right to participate in all the activities of association however the associate members shall not have the voting right.

“Governing Committee” means Executive Committee of the Association.

“University” means the Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

“Faculty” means a Faculty of the University.

“Vice-Chancellor”, “Pro-Vice-Chancellor”, “Registrar” and “Finance Officer” means respectively Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Finance Officer of the University.

3. Aims and Objectives of the Association:The Association shall be a non-political, non-profit, secular unit devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, literary, cultural, and social activities. The main, though not necessarily exclusive, objectives of the Association shall be:

3.1 To support the democratic and inclusive traditions of the JMI and to attempt for their maintenance through all AAJMI activities. These activities include organizing annual and periodic Lectures/Seminars/Symposia, cultural and social events etc. focused on the themes that facilitate understanding and appreciation of the values protected in the University Preamble.

3.2 To nurture close association between the JMI and its Alumni.

3.3 To indentify and categorize the JMI Alumni as significant participants in the University’s continuing mission to strive for excellence in education and catalyzing collaborations at the academic and technical levels.

3.4 To provide appropriate intellectual and material support to the University with specific focus on funding and supplementing its frontline research areas.

3.5 To provide interaction, professional as well as academic, and networking among JMI Alumni for creation of career opportunities for the student community of the JMI.

3.6 To honor eminent JMI Alumni for their achievements and contributions to the society in their respective domains.

3.7 To acknowledge and glorify the achievements and laurels of the Alumni and utilize the same to define the strategic directions of JMI’s growth and development.

3.8 To involve/invite the Alumni’s resources and contributions towards excellence in education, research and in boosting the technical strength of the JMI.

3.9 To strengthen and augment the national/international collaborations through the Alumni network for academic and monetary support towards JMI’s outreach to society.

3.10 To provide opportunity for professional and academic interactions via networking among JMI Alumni to mobilize resources for academic and career support for JMI students.

3.11 To highlight and spread JMI’s achievements globally through our alumni network by using social media and other forms of media outreach programmes.

3.12 To organize socio-cultural events and interactions among JMI Alumni and their family members by organizing annual dinners and get together programmes to strengthen the practice of cultural inclusiveness and bonhomie that is prevalent in JMI.

4. Seat of AAJMI:The office and seat of AAJMI shall be located within or around the Jamia Millia Islamia campus at Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, 110025. All activities and administrative operations shall be operated from the said office.

5. Membership

5.1 Irrespective of their place of location, the membership of AAJMI shall be open to all the former students of the Jamia Millia Islamia who have been issued an enrolment number and also to those who were not given enrolment number as it was not introduced at that time, but were admitted in some program (Course/ Class) of the JMI. There are two types of membership namely ‘Member’ and ‘Associate member’.

5.2 In case any member gets readmitted to any course of the University, his/her membership shall stand terminated. However, s/he can rejoin AAJMI on the completion of the course after adopting the procedure as provided under 5.1 as a new member.

5.3 The prospective members who fulfill the eligibility requirement for AAJMI membership as specified above may get themselves registered using a registration form available with the office of AAJMI. This form may be taken personally from the office or acquired electronically from the website.

5.4 A person with valid termination/expulsion order from the Jamia Millia Islamia or convicted from any court of law shall not be eligible for membership.

5.5 There shall be three categories of membership namely Annual Membership, Life Member and Honorary Members

5.6 The fee will be Rs. 500/- for annual membership and Rs. 2000/- for life membership. This however may be reviewed for enhancement as and when required.

5.7 Honorary membership shall be offered by the Governing Council of the Association. The honorary member however, shall not have the voting right.

5.8 The Vice Chancellor of JMI in the capacity of “ex-officio” patron of AAJMI shall enjoy all the privileges of a member. The other present and past functionaries of AAJMI shall be extended with “ex-officio” membership.

5.9 The membership of any member can be discontinued/suspended by the Governing council, which shall have the power to expel a member. The reason of termination of AAJMI membership shall be communicated to the member concerned in writing. A membership can be cancelled on the following conditions:

On his/her written resignation.

On his/her death.

For any violent, unsociable and unbecoming behavior.

Condition laid down under clause 5.4

5.10. In case the Governing Committee expels a member, the same can be re-admitted by the general body provided the concerned member fulfils the condition laid down in the Rules & Regulations and pays the membership fees afresh.

6. General Body:

6.1 The supreme body of the Association will include all the registered members of AAJMI and will be called the General Body (GB). The meeting of the General Body shall be organized on yearly basis, in Delhi.

6.2 The quorum of the General Body meeting will be made from one tenth of the total membership. In case the Constitution of AAJMI needs to be amended, a two-third majority of the members voting in favor of the amendment(s) will be required.

6.3 The power to decide all AAJMI matters will be in the hands of the General Body. It shall provide a brand policy framework to ensure proper functioning of the Association.

6.4 It is the responsibility of the General Body to elect a “Governing Committee” (hereinafter referred to as “GC”). The GC will be responsible for carrying out AAJMI activities and shall serve for a tenure of two years, from the date of assuming office, once elected.

6.5 Voting rights will be available to all the registered members of the AAJMI. Besides this, all the members of AAJMI are eligible for getting elected to the GC. A maximum of two terms is allowed for the GC membership as President/Vice president/Treasurer/ Secretary/ Joint Secretary.

6.6 Secretary shall fix the agenda of the meeting. However, the GC must approve this agenda. In case a member of the General Body wants to include any item(s) into the agenda, he/she can do so by presenting a written request in advance. S/he may also raise a point at the end of the meeting under “Any other item with the permission of the Chair”.

7. Annual General Body Meeting:The General Body of AAJMI shall meet at least once in a year, at a meeting which would be called the “Annual General Body Meeting” at such a place and time as the Governing Committee may decide, and as specified in the notice of the meeting to conduct, among others, the following business: -

7.1. To receive, approve, adopt the Annual Accounts, the Audit Report, Report of the Activities of the AAJMI from the Governing Committee

7.2. To Appoint/renew appointment of the firm of Chartered Accountants as Statutory Auditor and fix remuneration by the Governing Committee.

7.3. To approve and adopt Budget and expense plan outlays for the next Financial Year.

7.4. To consider any other matter that may be brought to the attention of the members in the notice of the meeting or by permission of the chairman of the meeting.

8. Extra Ordinary General Meeting:An Extra Ordinary General Meeting shall be convened at such a place and time as the Governing Committee may decide, and as specified in the notice of the meeting to conduct, among others, the following business:

8.1. To fill the casual vacancies which may arise due to death, resignation or some other valid reason of the members of the Governing Committee?

8.2. To consider any other matter that may be brought to the attention of the Members in the notice of the meeting or by permission of the Chairman of the meeting.